Caparol “Feel full!”

Project Description

The trend for a healthy lifestyle is being tracked around the world.

To start the culture of using only health-safe repair materials – such an important task was set by Caparol Ukraine team in the communication campaign “Feel for the full! For those who care about health. ”

In order to promote the “healthy” choice, Caparol was the first in Ukraine to raise the issue of the content of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that people inhale during repairs, in a series of publications in leading media and publics.

As part of the communication campaign, medical experts were informed about the possible consequences of intoxication and prevented from using non-toxic paints.

Launched a series of short videos of painters-masters who use safe paints and can work all day in a painted room and engage in sports, nurse a child and even reassure a nervous client of breathing practices.

Also company paid attention to active residents who care about their health. Were supported a fitness training in parks, as
breathing is very important during training.

The duration of the campaign is 2018-2021.

Project Details

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